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Monday, December 03, 2007

WOW- we have been busy!

Here are the boys!!!
I don't know where to start. I feel like I haven't been home in a few weeks. Of course Thanksgiving sneaks up on us and what a great day we had and of course feeding our faces! But after Thanksgiving was over off to Germantown we went to the 'Meet the Groom Party' for my brother and Maggie. Home for a few days then off to Pigeon Forge from this past Thursday to Sunday. We had a good time, my family went with us and Dayne was absolutely in love with our cabin.
Both of the boys are doing great. Tallan will be turning 5 months old this week and Dayne is getting better and better everyday. I think he is a little man in a child's body. I don't know why I am so blessed to have a son that reads me like a book and knows what I need him to do. We are in the struggling time of potty training. He does great on days we don't have school or a lot to do outside of our home. But we are taking it slow and my goal is his 3rd birthday.
We are trying to get ready for Christmas, every year I do this to my self and I don't know why. My husband has actually offered to go Christmas shopping with me on Saturday, I nearly fell over, but I am taking him up on it! Then Sunday we have a surprise for Dayne. We still haven't told him that we are going on a train ride and the theme is 'Polar Express'. We have him some new PJ's so I hope it goes over great. But we have been watching the movie and he is back in love with the movie so I sure when he sees a real train up close and he realizes that he gets to ride on it we won't be able to contain himself. I am looking forward to it so much!!
I hope everyone is great and I know that we have entered into the busiest time of year. The Holidays!

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Jennifer said...

Hey girl. Tallan is getting so big!! They both are so cute! We are very excited about Sunday night. I think the boys will have a great time! Can't wait to see you all then!
By the way, congrats on "trying" to potty train. Cooper is still not interested AT ALL!!

Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Mason said...

Love the picture, they are SO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on Sunday night!!!! I am sure you all will have a blast!

The Hadfields said...

Hey!!! I re-organized my blog a while back and lost your blog address. Your boys are precious!! I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

hope you guys had fun on the train. can't wait for you to post pictures