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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas is getting close!

Well here is our main tree in the house- I love it and I hate it :-) It is 9 feet tall and Jason only brings it out of the attic and the rest is up to me~ so anyway, my hands are still healing and I didn't fall off the ladder, but here it is ~ I did it a lot different this year. You can't really see everything thru pictures, but you can always come on by and see us :-)

Here is our Mickey Family Vacation ornament that we got @ Magic Kingdom- just a small remembrance of our trip!!
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The Claunch Family said...

How beautiful! You did such a good job!

Kurt and Samantha said...

Your tree is beautiful, will you come decorate mine?

Jennifer said...

Your tree is beautiful! I hope to come up that way and see it soon!!

**Rhonda** said...

I found your blog thru Samantha's sister n law JODEE......I just had to comment on your tree....It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Maybe that is why your husband leaves the decorating up to you......