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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just a few more

Here is the small tree in our bedroom~ I had too many ornaments left over b/c of how our main tree was done that I went to Wal-Mart (where else) and got this 6.5 ft tree for $35- pre lit- I couldn't beat that- b/c after the other tree I am not putting anymore lights up- I would say that this one is more 'country' but I love the reindeer sorry you can't see them that great

Here is the tree that I borrowed from my mom- it is in my office at home- just more decorations!!

Couldn't resist this pic of this boy!!! He is a terror and into everything- This face says it all!!!
I will try and take some pics of the outside of the house soon, Jason did a good job!!!! I should show off his work :-)
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1 comment:

Kurt and Samantha said...

You have very pretty decorations, can't wait to see the outside!! You are amazing--I could barely get one tree up!