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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More Christmas Tree Pics

Here is another ornament that I got- I got 2 so maybe one day the boys will want them for their own tree- I really like these silver ones- just a little different

Dayne being silly!! Mommy trying to get a pic

Here are 2 ornaments that I had made thru snapfish, I made one of me and Jason too but it is on a different spot on the tree- my boys!!! I am trying to make things that they may want one day?? We will see.....
Here is a pic of my helper! Dayne only wanted to decorate trees and oh my - my nerves couldn't handle him on the big tree so he helped me decorate the office tree, his tree, and Tallan's tree-- He is so ready for Santa- every morning he wakes up and asks why there aren't any presents under the tree- silly boy
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1 comment:

Kurt and Samantha said...

I love that ornament of the boys, what a neat keepsake. I just might have to check that out for sarah.