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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I hope that you can hear this man!!

I hope that many of you can hear Dave Ramsey- if you are not local then please find him on itunes, go to his site and listen to his shows, or find him the other radio thing that I can't think of the name. But his site is
Then on his front page click on the box that says Urgent 3 ways to fix Our Nation's Economy. But if you don't have time then just read below then go visit his site.
I have learned so much from him and Jason and I try really hard to follow his plan.
We all need to get smart with our own money situation and we need to take control -- we do have a voice with the people we elect and we have the right to vote or not.

We are at a crucial time in our country's financial history. We need everyone's help! Here are 3 steps you can take that will change our nation's future:

Pray for them to resist a spirit of FEAR and to embrace WISDOM. Even if you don't like them or agree with them, pray for them and tell them you are praying for them. There is a spirit over this problem that must be broken. Also, most of the media personalities are afraid as well and that is affecting their reporting. Pray for fear to be removed from them; they are making this worse.

Send The Common Sense Fix to your Representatives and Senators and tell them how you expect them to vote, and that if they put this nation in $700 billion of debt, that you will vote them out. It's their job to listen to us! (Whichever presidential candidate or political party that champions this plan from their leadership down will likely become the next president. That is because this plan fixes the crisis while going along with the wishes of the vast majority of Americans.)

Send a link to this page to everyone in your address book and tell them to urgently follow these 3 steps TODAY. The more people we have supporting this and contacting their elected leaders, the more likely we can turn our economy around!

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