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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Weekend Away!!

Here is Jason and I.......
We had a great weekend this past weekend!! We went up to Pigeon Forge without the kids and had a great time! We always miss the kids greatly when we are gone, and trust me this doesn't happen very often. We wasted our time and went to the TN Florida football game. I think I stopped watching at halftime. Normally I am the crazy lady screaming and hollering and giving high fives and all that, but this game I just held my head in my hands, but a very powerful moment was at halftime to hear over 100,000 people boooooo was sad. I hope that they were just booing the coach but I know the players heard it and so did Florida and I hope that they can turn this around but oh my they play Auburn this Saturday.
But anyway- we had a great time, I love going to Pigeon Forge just for the reason that it is close to home and kids can do stuff. But let me just plug this place- RiverStone Resort and Spa- you guys have to go. It is in Pigeon Forge at the Dollywood light. The condos are great and the spa is awesome!!! So there is my plug, go there and enjoy it. We were in a 3 bedroom and even if the kids were with us we would have had plenty of room!!!

Aren't they cute!!!!

My in-laws!!! Had to make them laugh.
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Elizabeth said...

Oh boy, you know what happens when couples take get aways to Pigeon Forge without the kids?????
My aunt likes to call Mason "little pigeon". :-)
Thats a great pic of you and Jason!

Kurt and Samantha said...

So glad you all had a good time even though they lost! you look so good!