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Monday, June 04, 2007


Okay finally after 4 weeks the stent is out. And trust me it was not pleasant :) Something that should just take a few minutes seemed to go on forever. Thanks to my baby boy putting some pressure on my bladder the stent was hard for the Urologist to 'get a hold of' so that in return made the removal part harder than normal, then to what he did not want to have happen happened. The stent was calcified on both ends and throughout the middle. That is where the BIG OUCH came from. ( for those of you who don't know a stent goes from your bladder up to the kidney, use your imagination, but that has some distance to it! :))
He said I should feel like myself tomorrow!!! I pray he is right!!!!
I am just glad that love hate relationship b/w me and my stent is over- now I have already had a little talking to with my new son and have pleaded for no more problems- we only have 4 more weeks to go- he need to be on his best behavior!! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we really only have 4 more weeks!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Welcome back to your blog. Hope you found River Park okay. Hang in there. The 4 weeks will fly by!

Anonymous said...

I wrote the above comment. I always forget to my name.


Jennifer said...

Yeah for the removeal (spelling???)of your stent!!! I can't believe that you only have 4 more weeks! It has gone by SO fast! I hope that you can come down this weekend and we can get some "baby stuff" done! Sorry I did not call you back yesterday! I will try you tonight!