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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fun at the Pool!

Here we are on our way to my in-laws to go swimming. Dayne put my swimming goggles on as we drove. He was too cute so of course I couldn't resist a picture of my son!
As you can see they are not straight but he put them on his head all by himself :)

Here is Dayne, his Pa Pa and Jason in the pool having a great time. That float was so big! We always have fun at the pool and we are lucky and thankful that my in-laws have one. Just a start to the summer!
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Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

Ok, does your sweet son grow over night or what? He looks like such a big boy in these pics. He is way too cute!! I am so glad you got your stent out, I know that is a relief. I cant believe you have 4 weeks left!! I am so excited for you!! We will have to get together again soon!!!
Love ya

The Hadfields said...

I'm way behind on checking blogs but I'm so glad you are feeling better and your little boy is precious!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like Dayne loves to swim too! We need to get the boys together soon and let them play at the pool!