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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2 Prego Mommas!

Okay I love you Jenn, but this pic of me is horrible. I put this picture in Black and White to see if the spot on my face wouldn't be so
noticeable. This picture was taken on my cell phone and there is something all over my face, probably just a shadow from the tree.

Jenn and I had a mush needed day shopping this past Saturday. I have everything that
we could possible need except the stroller and I know what I am going to get just have to order it. So I feel very prepared!!
As much as I love my son and watching our 2 sons play I don't think that we could have been as successful shopping as we were. Plus I really needed the day of just the 2 of us! Getting to talk about all sorts of stuff and comparing ideas and both of us having swollen feet and big bellies was just fun too! I loved that in Panera Bread everybody just starred at us. Obvious starring, turning around in there seats and starring. I wanted to stay to them have you never seen a prego lady before??? Maybe it was the 2 of us together but we both assure you that we are not going into labor any time soon:) Mine is schedule and Jenn needs to get past July 8th.

I hope to post some pics of the nursery and Dayne soon, but if I don't please forgive me next week is the BIG DAY!!!! and I am trying to spend as much time with my son as I can and not on the computer!
Love you Jenn and thank you again for going out with me all day shopping and having a 2 year old free day!
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The Hadfields said...

You guys look great!! Good luck with everything!! Keep us posted!

Heather said...

Hey girl!! You look good!! I hate we have not seen each other at work! Dianna had her baby the22nd. they are doing good! I will keep posted through the blog!!!
Enjoy those 2year old free days 'cause it doesn't happen often!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for coming down and going shopping with me!! I had a WONDERFUL time! Yes, you are right, it was a much needed girls day! I am so excited for you and I will see you next Thursday for the big day!!! I know I will talk to you beforehand but, congrats and good luck!

Anonymous said...

You're almost there!!!